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Conventional & Organic Fruit Available
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Kiwis are one of the few Fall harvested fruits in California and are available during the winter months, which is uncommon for California grown fresh fruits.  Kiwis are considered one of nature's perfect foods as they are:

  • low in calories

  • high in vitamins K, E, and C

  • high in dietary fiber and potassium

  • an excellent source of antioxidants and energy

Availability Period:

  • October - April

Sizes & Styles Available:

We offer all USDA approved sizes and have the ability to pack in various styles, including:


  • Volume Fill (9 kg, 20 lb)

  • Bulk Bins (125 lb)

  • Trays

  • Tri-Layers

  • Bags

  • Clamshells 

We offer the following services:
Farm Management
Custom Harvest
Packing (Conventional & Organic Fruit)
Cold Storage
Sales & Marketing
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